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Taer Jewellery

Upper Ear cuffs

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Forged from recycled sterling silver in the TAeR Studios in West Clare, these little cuffs are designed to sit snuggly around those upper ear piercings.

Listing is for ONE earring. If you'd like two, just press "add to cart" twice. 

The 4mm, 5mm and 6mm in their discription refer to the distance from the bar that goes through your ear to the bottom of the inside of the cuff. The best way to know if they'll fit is measure (using a straight ruler) your piercing to the end of your ear. If in doubt go a size up.

It is unlikely these will fit a first piercing on an earlobe. 

And if your not sure, just drop me a line 

Available in a brushed silver finish and an black/grey oxidised silver finish. Please note that oxidisation will wear off over time and with a lot of handling or rubbing off other items. But it is silver underneath, so it'll just turn to a lovely weatherd look with the black staying in corners that haven't been handled.