About Taer...

Hi, I'm Aisling the founder, dreamer and maker behind Taer Jewellery. I design and make all my jewellery in my tiny studio on the coast of Co. Clare. Jewellery that has been described by my customers as "edgy" and "organic", for those of us who are drawn more to an individual style rather than what's trending...

I create from a place of intuition, rather than strategy, choosing odd shapes and unusual lines.  I couldn't tell you why exactly, but those cracks found in rocks with mossey growths emerging from them, and big old fallen trees with tiny mushroom growths splattered around them, makes me almost overwhelmed with wonder. It's those little details in nature that inspires most of what I do.

It wasn't always this way though.  I have a degree in health promotion and worked as a youth worker for six years. While it was a wonderful job, I craved more creativity in my life.  So I started an oil painting class, which turned into an art portfolio course, which lead to getting accepted to the National College of Art and Design, which in turn led me to jacking in my job, selling my lovely Audi, moving to Dublin and back working weekends behind the bar.

It sounds a bit dramatic. And maybe it was. But I felt I was lead to this path by a series of small but very important choices and now that I was on the path, coming off it just seemed completely ludicrous to me.

I wasn't long at NCAD before I discovered metalsmithing. Everything about it just felt right. I found my expression in metals, in a way I never could with painting.

In 2015, I set up Taer Jewellery and in 2019 working at full capacity to pay the rising cost of (Dublin) living rates, I decided to leave the rat race and head for the more peaceful lifestyle of my home county, Clare. Where I could focus fully on my little business. While I absolutely loved my life in Dublin, it was time to move on. 

Now I have my own little studio in Spanish Point where I work every day.  I have the time, and head space, to get really creative working on totally new pieces like my Gemstone range, adding new pieces to my signature jewellery range plus all the many custom pieces that my lovely customers request. All whilst enjoying a bit of that lovely West Clare fresh air.

If you'd like to follow my story, I am always going on about one thing or another on Instagram and Facebook. Come say hi, or just have a little look at what I'm at behind the scenes.

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