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Taer Jewellery

Teeny Tiny Studs, 9ct gold

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Handmade from recycled yellow gold wire in the Taer Studios in West Clare. 

These are the tiniest pair of studs you'll ever own. Perfect for a second and third piercings, especially for the days and months when really don't want earring overload, but you still want... something.

These are made by melting the tip of 0.8mm gold wire into a ball. The little balls are all slightly different with little bits of 'melty' texture on each one, which, in fairness, you'll only see with some serious eye-balling. Each pair come with little butterfly backs to stop your earrings falling out. 

They also go great with the ear hugs and the Little Nonsense gold studs.


Standard 0.8mm 9ct gold wire 

Ball is approx 1 - 1.5mm diameter