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Taer Jewellery

A Maze In Triangle Mini Hoops

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These mini hoops with triangle pendants have the wonderful Taer Jewellery trademark crosshatch pattern which is based on the idea of a maze, finding your way through, exploring and discovering...

Handmade from solid sterling silver, the mini hoops are about 1.5cm in diameter, and the triangles measure 1cm in length x 1cm at the top.

These are perfect for mixing and matching, in particular with the micro Little Nonsense studs.

Every piece of Taer Jewellery is carefully gift wrapped in recycled packaging, from the logo embossed matt grey box, to the business cards. There will never be any plastic in your packaging from Taer, and everything is fully recyclable again. 

If you have any questions or ponderings you would like to discuss about your piece of jewellery, or indeed about anything you see here.  Please don't hesitate to get in touch, I am always open to learning and improving, and sure I love a good chat.

Thanks so much for shopping x

Thanks so much for shopping x