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A Maze In Statement Ring
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A Maze In Statement Ring
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A Maze In Statement Ring
A Maze In Statement Ring

A Maze In Statement Ring

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The "A Maze In" Statement Ring is part of the A Maze In collection, which, as you might have guessed, is based on the idea of a maze, finding your way through it, with many challenges and difficulties. Your reward is finding somewhere else, somewhere very interesting!!

This ring is a handmade in the Taer Jewellery studio in West Clare. Each ring has a sheet of silver which has been hammer marked to give the criss cross "maze"pattern and then cut out before being soldered to the base ring, oxidised and a sand and polish to give the pattern that black colour. Each one is done by hand so the patterns and cut outs will look a little different. Which just means that you ring will be unique...

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Every piece of Taer Jewellery is carefully gift wrapped in recycled packaging, from the logo embossed matt grey box, to the business cards. There will never be any plastic in your packaging from Taer, and everything is fully recyclable again. 

If you have any questions or ponderings you would like to discuss about your piece of jewellery, or indeed about anything you see here.  Please don't hesitate to get in touch, I am always open to learning improving and modifying, and sure I love a good chat x