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Taer Jewellery

5mm 'A Maze In' Studs

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The "A Maze In" collection, is based on the idea of a maze, finding your way through it, with many challenges and difficulties. Your reward is finding somewhere else, somewhere very interesting!!

These earrings are handmade in the Taer Jewellery studio in West Clare. Each earring is punched out of a sheet of silver that has been hit repeatedly in opposing directions with the claw end of a hammer. This gives it its cross hatch markings. Each 5mm circle earring is then soldered to an earring post, oxidised and polished to give it the black and silver effect. This way of marking means each earring is different, so the patterns on your earring will differ slightly from the ones in the picture. 


Disc is 5mm in diameter x 1mm thick

Earring post is 11mm x 0.8mm with a butterfly back