The Story So Far

It all started in 2010 with an oil painting class in Roscommon...

Aisling Walsh, the founder, designer and maker for Taer Jewellery was working as a youth worker in the Irish midlands, when one day she saw a sign to register for an oil painting class. Already armed with a passion for painting, it seemed like the perfect time to learn some skills and maybe finish a piece or two.  This class, slowly but very surely, unleashed a strong creative longing in her and 3 years later, she had left her secure job, sold her lovley car, moved to Dublin and with the help of her art teacher and friend in Roscommon, secured her place at the National College of Art and Design.

It was here at NCAD that she discovered an absolute love of metals and design... and in 2015, Taer Jewellery was born. Like everything in her story so far, its been a slow road, a tough road at times, but an utterly wonderful one.

"... I have always loved being creative, making things, painting things. It was my sanctuary in school, I would be completely immersed in a painting or drawing, like a really good book, it took me to the "other place", as my sister likes to call it. I always had it in my life, I learned fairly early on that if I wasn't making or painting something, I really wasn't very happy.  Now, its my work, only it doesn't feel like work - except when I'm doing my taxes, that always feels like work :) "