Find Your Ring Size

The following guide shows the ring sizes in diameter millimetres (mm) and the equivalent

USA/Canada sizes, and UK/Ireland/Australia and New Zealand sizes. 

MM           USA            UK / Ireland

15.9mm -   5.5               K  

16.3mm -     6                L  

16.7mm -   6.5               M  

17.1mm -    7                 N  

17.5mm -   7.5               O  

17.9mm -    8                 P  

18.3mm -   8.5               Q 
18.8mm -    9                 R  
19.2mm -   9.5               S  

19.6mm -   10                T  

There are a couple of ways to find out your ring size, the best method really is to go a local jeweller that you trust and ask them to measure your finger using a jewellers ring sizer, and find the exact size that fits you both snugly and comfortably. However if this is not an option and you are in a massive rush, there are some home methods.  You need to be very careful doing these home methods though, as a half millimeter out and you could find yourself with a ring that's either falling off or too tight.


One way to find your ring size is to measure a ring that fits on your chosen finger. To do this, the ring must be completely round in shape, measure the INSIDE diameter of the ring, then use the guide above to find your ring size in USA/Canada sizes, and UK/Ireland/Australia/New Zealand sizes. 

Lets face it, the home method leaves a lot of room for error, so unless you're very confident or you have someone you are confident in with measurement skills, please do consider waiting and going to a jewellers to get your finger measured properly, making sure the ring sizer fits your finger comfortably and snugly.

Best of Luck :)