Christmas Pre-Ordering


I don't know about you, but shit gets BUSY for me in November / December.
Now, I don't normally mind the bit of extra pressure. I sort of strive on it. But there's working under pressure and there's the disappointment of sending customers away because the post is too slow...
I don't want that.
So, I have created the pre-order list to help us all out a bit.  The idea being, you place your order in October, using your 10% discount code: PREORDER10 ,  you go on my list and I'll get get them all ready and ship them to you in November (the 16th of November to be exact).
This means, I have time to make sure I have exactly what you need, when you need it, and you get to save 10% and not think about gifts again for at least one person this year.
All you have to do is...
  • Add your gift to your shopping cart...
  • Pop in your discount code: PREORDER10 at checkout.
  • And wait until the 16th of November for your dispatch notification.
Shipping is free in Ireland. Your gift will be wrapped up nicely. And I'll even include a Christmas card with your note, just leave instructions in the comment box.

Offer expires October 31st

All orders placed without the discount code, will be dispatched within the usual time frame; one to two days, unless otherwise stated.