The A Maze In Collection

The A Maze In Collection...
I came up with idea for this collection when I was playing around with different patterns. I was actually trying to get a stone wall pattern, so there I was with my hammer, getting this wall going, (for future reference and for no particular reason, I absolutely LOVE exposed stone and brick walls. I love walls, small hidden dwellings, doors, windows.... the older and and shabbier the better) and I realised I was making a maze... So I created my, cant really find your way through, maze and made some holes in my maze, just because I love little holes in things (who knows, I'm a big child!!) and the idea of things being hidden or finding secret things.  And so the A Maze In collection was born.
I start each piece by getting a big (ish) sheet of silver and hammering it one way then another way, to create the unique pattern, then I cut each piece to size, file and emery as necessary, then I oxidise the pieces to give the pattern a dark look and finish by polishing the surface to create this silver / black contrast... and Voila we have; A Maze In !!