Little Nonsense Collection

The "Little Nonsense" Collection...
If you knew anything about me, you'd know that I love things that are a little off.  All the best things in life are just a little off, if you ask me, but only if its off in the most complete way.  Confused yet?? You should be, I am!!
This collection is based on the Willy Wonka quote;
       "a little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men..." 
The collection is made of little random off-cuts of silver, that I cut up in my studio in Dublin, they're my little bits of Nonsense, if you will, making each piece of jewellery unique.  I'll always match earrings with similar sizes and patterns, but they're never going to be exact... so if your really particular and you like the earring on your right ear to be the exact same as the earring on your left, then perhaps this collection isn't for you...
That said, I think its actually my favourite, I love that it reminds me of being small. Roald Dahl books were a big favourite in our house growing up, though my brother recently informed me that it was he, in fact, who was the biggest fan of Roald Dahl. So with that... I dedicate this collection to you Kieran !! (he'll love that ;) )
Thanks for reading a little nonsense, 
Aisling x