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Taer Jewellery

Pink Tourmaline & Silver Drop Earrings

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Hand forged from eco silver sheet and wire these pink tourmaline drop earrings are super easy to put on, with no catches or backs to worry about. 

Hallmarked with sterling silver stamp .925 at Dublin Castle, for authenticity. 

Each stone and pendant shape is slightly different, so although they 'match' they are also slightly mismatched.


Drops measure approx 4cm from piercing to end of the pendant.

Ear wires are 1mm thick, 1mm is slightly thicker than standerd earring posts (0.8mm), which will be no worries if you wear earrings regularly, but they might feel a little tight if you rarely wear them)


Your earrings will come in beautiful packaging that is recycled and fsc certified. From the grey card drawer boxes with embossed rose gold logo to the certificate of authenticity, each packaging part is fully recyclable again.